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Trailers are vehicles with at least two axles, equipped with a towing device which is movable vertically (in relation to the trailer) and which controls the movement of the front axle (s) of the axle (s), or which does not transfer significant static load to the towing vehicle.

One or more axles can be driven by a towing vehicle.

Forestry trailers

Truck axle trailer for the transport of wood and wood assortments Type ŠP–200 Forestry trailer ŠP-200 is intended for the transportation of logs and timber. the trailer is made of fine-grained micro alloyed steels. Wheel set from manufacturer BPW (SAF). Brakes made of components WABCO (Haldex). ABS performance 4S / 3M. The trailer has a removable capabilitie (rotating) of the towing eye DIN 74054-40

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