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Tippers are primarily used for the transport of bulk cargo. They can also be used to transport palletized goods (tippers with crane lifts), and it is possible to transport containers on tippers with a hydraulic arm (Abroll Tippers).

According to the production program tippers are divided into :

  • abroll tippers 
  • one-sided tippers,
    • dumpers
    • reloading tippers,
  • two-sided tippers,
  • three-sided tippers.


Abroll tippers are vehicles that use one hydraulic hand and in just a few minutes can on itself put on, remove or tipp a container. Types of possible upgrades: open or closed containers, pressure containers, dump boxes, tanks, loading platforms with tarpaulin…

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One-sided tipper

Single sided tippers are tippers with only a hydraulic rear tipping. They are mostly used for heavy-duty work in quarries (mulden Tippers, dumper Tippers), but can also be used for light-duty jobs (eg. Reloading Tippers).

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Two-sided tippers

Two Sided Tippers are Tippers, which have built-in cranes at the end of the vehicle chassis. In this case it is possible to tipp the load only on the left or right side of the vehicle.

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Three-sided tippers

Three way tippers have the option of tipping on three sides and are the most used tippers.

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